Total Coordinate

Is indispensable to the manufacture of products, processing equipment, we offer a consistent material, processing methods, etc.



Material sales / commissioned processing

Optical film felt various paper material

* The stocks, medical packaging materials and food packaging materials hygiene packaging materials, such as various types of high-performance plastic material film (function material).

* We can also sell slit material and raw material.

Lamination, punching

* Available up to various laminating & die citting.

Roll to Roll processing, Roll to sheet processing possible

processing equipment / custom-built machine

[Relationship bonding]

  • bonding apparatus single version
  • Automatic laminator
  • Heat laminator
  • Custom lamination system

[Punching relationship]

  • Rotary Die Cut Press
  • Single version stamping press
  • roll stamping press
  • image processing stamping press

[Cut] relationship

  • Various slitter apparatus
  • Hiradan equipment
  • Automatic cutting device

[Special equipment]

  • laser processing apparatus
  • Image inspection equipment (roll material support)
  • Other various custom equipment