Smartphone cover case

It is the IPhone5's case that fellow "THE DOG AND FRIENDS" entered.

Sudo Yuko, who shot a smile from all over the world "smile thief", We were in a special case iphone5 portrait of prized possession.

Iphone5 special case of a COOL design a simple and visible mark of Apple background also show through.

for iphone acrylic glass panel
PDFファイル 337.1 KB
for iphone pocketbook type case
PDFファイル 546.5 KB
for iphone pocketbook type caseⅡ
手帳型ケース2 0121.pdf
PDFファイル 427.9 KB
Tempered glass panel plate(iphone・WALKMAN・PS-VITA・iPad mini)
PDFファイル 634.9 KB

Original Cover Case

Original smartphone case of your own "
* Print up to cover the side!
* Can be made in one unit!
Available cover case

  • IPhone4/4S/5 order unit: 1 ~ 
  • GALAXYS4 order unit: 1 ~ 
  • XPERIA A unit order: 1

Original cover to complete

You receive about a week after receiving the design data.

Price varies depending on quantity.

Please feel free to inquire.